Wild Thing | Throw
Wild Thing | Throw
Wild Thing | Throw
Wild Thing | Throw

Wild Thing | Throw

The Wild Thing Throw is an exceptional piece. Handspun and handwoven, The Wild Thing is handcrafted with pure merino wool and brings the unpredictability of natural elements into a unique design. Waves sway through the knit, while raw hand spun edges are balanced by a delicate fringe. Sure to spark conversation, this piece demands attention even from the most discerning eye and can be used as a functional or decorative piece. The Wild Thing is definitely one of my favorites! 

type: throw | runner | decorative
100% pure merino wool
technique: handspun + handloomed
size:  27" x 110"
color: natural white | no dyes
designer: animana
origin: puerto santa cruz, argentina
care: dry clean

every handcrafted NURAXI purchase supports sustainable design and fair pay for artisans