Chaguar Basket Bowl No. 4
Chaguar Basket Bowl No. 4
Chaguar Basket Bowl No. 4

Chaguar Basket Bowl No. 4

Our Siwan’i basket bowls are hand woven from the strong Chaguar fiber, gathered by the indigenous Wichi women of the El Portillo community in Chaco, Northern Argentina.  After gathering the wild crop, they process the chaguar in a traditional method that includes many days of soaking the harvest, drying the removed fibers, then working them into a weavable texture by “spinning” them on their thighs, protected by ash. Finally, they weave the beautiful basket bowls and craft other pieces the Wichi are celebrated makers of.

Each bowl is absolutely unique, and colors may vary due to the artisans creative process and hand crafted features.

material: 100% chaguar
technique: hand spun & hand woven
size: 7.5" w x 2" h
colors: natural
designer: siwan'i artisan collective
origin: el portillo, chaco

every NURAXI purchase supports sustainable design and fair pay for artisans