Bardot Alpaca Blanket
Bardot Alpaca Blanket
Bardot Alpaca Blanket

Bardot Alpaca Blanket

The  Bardot Alpaca Blanket is an instant classic and quickly becoming one of our more popular pieces. Hand-woven on a traditional loom by master artisans in the Andes, the Bardot is crafted from 100% natural baby alpaca and the thick fibers are intertwined with cleanly threaded accents in untreated colors of sand, slate and ivory white. Delightful and practical, the edge alternates between a netted weave and soft pillows of rustic hand-spun fibers. An ideal gift that shares the warmth with a touch of unique flavor. 

type: throw | blanket
100% baby alpaca
technique: hand-spun + hand-loomed
size: 60" x 47"
colors: white + sand, slate details | no dyes
designer: animana
origin: patagonia + the andes
care: hand wash + flat dry

every handcrafted NURAXI purchase supports sustainable design and fair pay for artisans