Nomad Nest Wrap | White
Nomad Nest Wrap | White
Nomad Nest Wrap | White
Nomad Nest Wrap | White

Nomad Nest Wrap | White

Norlha's luxurious yak Nomad Nest Wrap in white is incredibly soft and durable, making it the perfect everyday companion. The unique white color comes from the rarest of white yaks and is dye-free. Handwoven by nomads in the Tibetan plateau, the Nomad Nest Wrap is an heirloom piece that will quickly become an essential part of your everyday. 

Norlha's handwoven textiles come from a place of care for the artisans, the animals, and the region, making them ever more precious. Yes, we at NURAXI feel fortunate to carry these beauties!

type: wrap 
material: 100% Natural Yak Wool
technique: hand loomed
size: 44" x 90" | lightweight
color: white | no dyes
designer: Norlha
origin: Himalayan Plateau
care: dry clean

every NURAXI purchase supports sustainable design and fair pay for artisans