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Nuraxi Peace Silk Indigo Wrap Handspun & Handwoven in Oaxaca
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Peace Silk from Oaxaca

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One-of-a-kind Indigo Handspun & Handwoven Peace Silk Wrap

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On my last trip to Mexico, I was introduced to the most gorgeous raw silk produced in a remote mountain village in Oaxaca. It was love at first sight and I immediately knew that I had to include a selection of these pieces into the Nuraxi collection.

I later learned that the tradition of silk cultivation in the mountains of Oaxaca dates back about five hundred years. And though nearly extinct, this traditional process has been reinvigorated by younger generations in the last few years - I am thrilled to be a part of supporting their work by making a few of these exquisite pieces available to you!

Each unique piece is finished by hand with loving care resulting in exceeding luxury and quality.

Just stunning - enjoy!

xo - Teresa

* The blue wrap pictured above is dyed with Indigo