Play in Awe! Salt Flats - Jujuy, Argentina

NURAXI in Jujuy NURAXI in Jujuy, Argentina NURAXI cashmere ring stole

NURAXI cashmere ring stole

NURAXI travel linen bag

Teresa Robinson, founder of NURAXI in Jujuy, Argentina
One of my favorite places in this world: Jujuy, Argentina.

In August, I traveled back there with three goals: 1. meet with some amazing new artisans and designers 2. spend time with a long lost cousin, Milagros  3. experience the Pachamama Festival.

It feels so good when a trip comes together that mixes in the perfect blend between work and play. Milagros and I spent an entire day running around in the Salina Grandes, a gorgeous landscape that made me feel connected to the wonder that is our Mother Earth. Stimulating and peaceful all at once, I fell in awe, wonder and play.  Here are some shots we took while running around with our cashmere ring stole and yak wraps.

A sweet reminder to always make time for time in nature and play! 

Love - Teresa