A Classic is Born

Shopper Tote in Natural Leather. Handcrafted in ArgentinaShopper Tote in Black. Handcrafted  in Argentina

Since starting Nuraxi, I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect bag. Finding chic, quality leather goods produced with the environment in mind is a surprisingly tall order! The market is flooded with over-embellished, logo-heavy styles, so I was thrilled to finally come across an Argentinian line of leather bags that was just the opposite: minimalist and clean.

The Shopper Tote is now available on our website in an array of colors, in two types of leather: soft and hard. Maria Redondo and Silvina Frydman are the dynamic duo behind this ingenious design, two fabulous designers who honor traditional craftsmanship. Based in Buenos Aires, Maria and Silvina use leather from cowhides that have been tanned with natural extracts from the quebracho tree. Each hide is tanned slowly and carefully to avoid contamination of the environment. This tanning technique accentuates the natural markings of the leather and adds to each product’s unique identity. 

We’ve searched the world for the perfect bag so that you don’t have to! Head over to our webshop to see the full range of Shopper Totes, or make an appointment at our Berkeley showroom to see them in person.


- Teresa