Foraged & Gleaned







You feel like a forager when you discover Louesa  just off Hayes St in San Francisco. It's like taking a walk and suddenly realizing that the tree you are standing under is not only beautiful, but also ripe with delicious plums. If you are standing on the corner of Hayes and Laguna, look down the way and notice a window with an intriguing flower arrangement and a small store front that draws you in with its delicately considered and unmanicured beauty.  Here you will find Louesa Roebuck - Foraged and Gleaned Flora. It is hard to say exactly what you will find on any given day in this little shop. On a recent visit, it was alive with conversation, Matilija Poppies, fragrant and blooming Jasmine, Magnolias and all kinds of objects d'art that inspire and stir intrigue. Among these objects, Louesa will now be carrying some of Nuraxi's favorite blankets. We couldn't be more thrilled that our collection is now part of the experience of this space. This isn't a store to leisurely pass by, but a little world to enter and explore; and perhaps you might find a bunch of flowers tied just-so with a little string or another souvenir to take home as a memento.