A Road Trip to Point Reyes

Alma Cashmere Wrap - Forest

I was thrilled when photographer Nora Lowinsky agreed to go on a road trip to Point Reyes for an explorational Nuraxi photoshoot with the gorgeous Ruby Cardinahl. Point Reyes is one of my absolute favorite places in Northern California with its raw natural beauty - a perfect setting for Nuraxi. Nora and Ruby had a blast and the pictures (all taken on 35mm film) are stunning! Here is Nora’s take on the experience:

Ruby and I drove, passing vast farmland to reach HWY1, along the coast. Winding roads lined with tall California eucalyptus trees embraced us with their healing scent and shelter as we rode on by. Singing along to Neil Young and looking over at my blonde, long haired, long limbed partner for the next couple of days, I could not imagine a more euphoric time that I have called work. We stopped in places along Tomales Bay that felt right, using our intuition as our guide. Ruby had never been to Tomales and I had never shot Ruby, so there was a good amount of audible exclamations of pleasure from us both.

We stopped for raw oysters at The Marshall Store, pretty stoked that our meal on the job was at the best little roadside seafood spot in all America. We found ourselves drawn to wooden bridges, marshlands, small trails leading to secret lookouts, peeling paint off abandoned wood shacks, small pebbled beaches…

When we finally reached our resting spot, Nick’s Cove, overlooking Tomales Bay, we put on our pajamas and quickly tested out the cal king bed piled high with blankets for comfort, big enough for us each to get lost in it and subsequently fall into our lone dreamlands.

We awoke to room service and, after having savored the best breakfast sausage of our lives, each took languid baths in the big hotel tub before setting out again to shoot, this time on the other side of Tomales Bay, mystical Inverness. There we found a leaf covered area watched over by a large California oak tree where we set down the Cloud blanket and rested, swapping life stories. We drove around, a little unsure, then found ourselves at a stark estuary, where I took some of my favorite shots of Ruby wearing a red scarf. Afterwards, we made our way to Point Reyes Station and lunched on Cowgirl Creamery cheese, baguette, honey and prosciutto as our sweet parting meal.

I have wanted to photograph Ruby for a long time- long before I actually decided to be a photographer. Her body language and facial expressions strike me in how vividly cinematic they are, far transcending beauty that is still and one dimensional. Her beauty does not sit back, resting on the laurels of bone structure. Ruby is alive and her fervor for life is palpable- a large part of why I thought she would perfectly represent Nuraxi. Looking back at my photographs of our road trip, I think of how spirited and happy we were together, enjoying our time, free to relish in the California land.

- Nora Lowinsky