The Leaf Collection


 Stunning Summer Jewelry from Columbian Artist Clara Saldarriaga

“Being unique and one-of-a-kind not only means that the pieces you own come from real leaves, seeds or driftwood; it means that as you use the pieces and develop a relationship with them, new colors and patinas start to emerge making the piece uniquely yours—part of your history and your life.”  - Clara Saldarriaga

Clara Saldarriaga’s stunning mango leaf cuffs and cotoneaster leaf necklace have arrived at Nuraxi just in time for the summer season. Saldarriaga uses ancestral techniques to craft one-of-a-kind pieces, combining recycled metals and gold responsibly mined in Columbia, where she lives and works. Saldarriaga’s showstopping pieces are versatile and timeless, striking an easy balance between polished and organic, and the artist’s work is as meaningful as it is unique: the mango leaf traditionally symbolizes vitality and fertility, and mango trees are symbolic of eternal life, representing love and bearing the divine fruit of the gods in Indian mythology. In addition, copper is regarded as a healing metal, especially effective in treating inflammation. Slip on one of Saldarriaga’s cuffs  or necklace as the finishing touch to an evening ensemble and let the story continue!