Elemental Desire by Abigail Doan

As some one who currently makes her home in several places, I am forever on the lookout for objects that I know to be elemental and universally good. Comfort for me comes from the connections that I envision between the makers I know, the artisans I respect, the places I love, and the value that is evident in a design or project that is authentic, through and through. 

Crest Weaving detail by All Roads |  Santa Ana Collection

There is a silent exchange that often occurs between the hand-picked items we populate our personal spaces with. It is a curious dialogue that seems inevitable as we whittle away at what makes us genuinely happy and also helps us to venture into new territory for material exploration.


Josi Faye Greta Scarf |  0304 Studio Stool from Dutch Sheep

Some might link this process to ethical fashion, sustainable design, or conscious lifestyle choices – but I view these points as being fundamentally about a remembrance of desire – that is, those things we opt to collect, purchase or adorn ourselves with, might ideally reflect a unique journey into memories, sensations, and expressions that remind us of what once worked historically or might work more sustainably for our collective future.

Welcome to Bandelier | Kiva Necklace

Erin Considine Jewelry | Sounding Cuff

This need not be an arduous task or one that requires endless funds or tips on trends but rather a simple return to something that resonates with our core. It might manifest as a tactile connection with an object we once passed our hand over as a child or discovered years later while traveling in distant lands.


Abigail Doan | Lost in Fiber | The Gathering

As an environmental fiber artist I collect images, ideas, and inspirational flotsam with the same fervor that I have for a new product design or recently launched fashion collection. The gathering of these objects makes me feel whole and perhaps more playful about discovering new life in cast-off forms. 

Abigail Doan | Lost in Fiber | The Gathering

My home and studio are essentially rest stops for items that I know will continue to cycle or wind through the universe.

Monday Projects | Folded Planter

Elemental feelings and sensations are often difficult for us to cultivate, though a well-crafted design has the potential to ground us in the tracks of modern life so that things might take root. Today's desire is not about consumption but about mapping out a program that encompasses the imprint of locale, unexpected rhythms, and deep beauty at the edges of the frayed or seemingly fallow. 

Abigail Doan is an environmental fiber artist and writer who lives between NYC and Europe. You can follow her blog here as well as her Lost in Fiber archive here.

First image credit: All Roads Design | Calimesa Collection