Quality Memories: Happy Father’s Day from Nuraxi!

This is a photo of my dad and me at age 2. It was taken at my cousin’s ranch in Montana, where I still go every summer. I wore the sweater my dad has around his shoulders all through high school—he was the one who first taught me about the importance of quality. My father has always been a big supporter of experiential education, and every summer as kids he gave my siblings and me the gift of a new experience. From building latrines in Brazil to working on a ranch in Wyoming, he always urged me to challenge myself and embrace new situations. I’m so appreciative of all that he has taught me— here’s wishing all of our readers and their families a very Happy Father’s Day!




Mar 04, 2017

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Deanna Brady
Jun 21, 2016

Qué lindos!!!

Jun 21, 2016

Nice memories
Attentive apprentice!!!
Grande Teresa!!!


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