Happy Mother's Day!


Today we celebrate all motherhood and sisterhood.

Thank you to all who lead their life with heart and care for others.

With Love, 

The Beauty of Handcrafted

The Beauty and Soul of Handcrafted -Tibet

The Beauty and Soul of Handcrafted Time stood still as I watched these artisans spin yak wool into a beautiful organic thread. 

The wheel spins rapidly. Hands move quickly and yet this process is a slow one, taking incredible skill and concentration. A dance emerges as these women command the wheel, wool and thread. 

The beauty and grace of this craft continues to play and dance in my head. 





Spring Cashmere Colors

Nuraxi Cashmere - Handspun and handwoven in Kathmandu by master artisans

Nuraxi cashmere - handpsun and handwoven in Kathmandu by master artisans

Warmer climate, more color?! 

It's an exciting time at NURAXI! We have been slowly moving our business to Santa Barbara over the last few months and I have to say that I am LOVING the warmer weather and being minutes away from the ocean.

The ocean is my ultimate oasis ... I grew up in Brazil until I was ten and almost every weekend was spent at my family's beach house in Guaruja, swimming and playing the day away. I'll try and find some pictures next time I'm at my parent's house to share:)

As a result of being in a warmer climate, color is making its way into our collection. I am absolutely committed to our undyed basics, but this Spring we are thrilled to introduce a range of new colors in our handspun + handwoven cashmere ring stoles. Dyes are of course eco-friendly and simply gorgeous! 

Here is the ring stole in a deep blue that reminds me of the sea. 

xo - Teresa